Marquee Flooring

The Rutland Marquee Company is proud to use Evo-Rib – the first ever fully recyclable carpet system! Once used, our carpets are returned to the manufacturer and turned in to mouldable plastic pellets.

Occasionally we can offer ‘once-used’ carpet, which is exactly that and dependant upon the condition following the use at a previous event. Of course, colours can not be guaranteed if you want to confirm this many months in advance. This is a cheaper option, and is ideal for use in catering tents.

Whilst our carpet is a brilliant floor covering, some events do require something more substantial. If you are concerned about the weather, or your marquee location is on uneven ground, then we may recommend that you use a wooden floor.

For your evening celebrations we have a choice of either a dramatic black and white chequered dance floor, and a traditional wooden parquet dance floor, both available in several different sizes depending upon on your number of guests.

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